Why use Araco Concrete?

At Araco Concrete, we take pride in doing the best job possible. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible craftsmanship at a fraction of the price compared to our competitors. The way we are able to offer such good prices is through volume. We purchase large amounts of concrete and supplies from local dealers; they in turn offer us special discounts. Because of this we can offer you an amazing and unbeatable price.

We get most of our business through, “Word of Mouth.”  We believe this says a lot about our business.  Araco Concrete has many years experience, and we are very professional in all that we do.

Call or email us today – not only for the fairest prices around, but for quality work and for confidence in getting the job done!

– Arturo Acosta

President of Araco Concrete


Experienced Craftsmanship!

Experienced Craftsmanship!
Vast experience & high expectations result in the finest craftsmanship.

Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Your satisfaction is our top priority!
We are committed to doing the job right the first time and to your complete satisfaction.

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices
The best prices around!

Best Crew Around!

Best Crew Around!
We don’t stop until the job is done!

Commercial Services

Araco Concrete offers a wide variety of commercial concrete services.  If it’s a do it right the first time, dependable, and highly experienced team you are looking for, Araco Concrete is the team for you.

We assure you that we will make your experience with us an enjoyable one.  We take pride in ourselves in making new or existing customers, return customers.  Contact us today and see what Araco Concrete can do for you and remember, “No job is too small or too big.”

Residential Service

Araco Concrete offers a wide variety of residential concrete services. If it’s a new driveway, stained concrete, stamped concrete, colored concrete, one off custom patios, concrete slabs, or a new sidewalk, you can count on us to work with you every step of the way in providing you with your concrete needs.

We assure you that we will make your experience with us an enjoyable one. We take pride in ourselves in making new or existing customers, return customers.

Industrial Services

Whether you need interior or exterior concrete contract work done, “no job is too big, or too small!”  Numerous big companies in the Southern Colorado Front Range have counted on Araco Concrete for superior concrete work services.

We’ve been doing concrete work for a long time.  You can rest assured that we know what we’re doing.  Contact us today for more information and a FREE QUOTE!

Our Services

1. Concrete Slabs & Exterior Paving

Araco Concrete will provide services for Concrete Slabs of any size.  Concrete Slabs are a common structural element of many modern day structures that need to be poured to perfection and that are structurally sound.

Araco Concrete also provides services for Exterior Paving projects of any size you may require.

Please contact us today to inquire about the Concrete Slab & Exterior Paving services we provide.

2. Curb & Gutters, Caissons, and Reinforced Foundations

One of the many services we offer, Curb & Gutters are generally installed at the perimeter of a road or parking lot.  This helps define the edge of a lot, and it contributes to hold the pavement in place and serves a a termination point to keep the pavement from expanding and deteriorating. Not only are Curb & Gutters used to outline these types of areas, but they are also used to provide drainage patterns for these areas to dispense water through the proper outlets. Today, in Colorado Springs and Pueblo this is more important than ever!

In addition to Caissons, Araco Concrete provides many different services for Reinforced Foundations.  These foundations give concrete foundations extra tensile strength; without reinforcement, many concrete structures would be impossible to implement.

Contact us today to inquire about these services we provide!

3. Stamped, Stained & Colored Concrete

Stamped Concrete is concrete that is textured, patterned, or embossed to resemble various types of surfaces.  These surfaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Brick, Slate, Flagstone, Stone, Tile, and even Wood

Araco Concrete’s ability to resemble these surfaces makes stampled concrete a less expensive alternative that using authentic surfaces such as stone, slate or brick.   Araco Concrete provides Stamped Concrete services for a variety of concrete applications.  Some commonly used stamped concrete applications are :

  • Stamped Patios
  • Stamped Sidewalks
  • Stamped Driveways
  • Stamped Interior Flooring

Stained Concrete is concrete stained with patterns that convert your ordinary concrete to exciting polished surfaces with unique, custom designs.  Stained Concrete can incorporate unique color tones with custon textures that take on molted or marble-like finishes.  Araco Concrete provides the best Stained Concrete services for a variety of concrete applications.

Colored Concrete allows the opportunity for many creative options, and the color choices available to choose from are endless.  The Colored Concrete process can transform any concrete project from plain to magnificent!  It can also be used to replicate the look of pavers, tile, flagstone, or brick.  Concrete coloring is a beautiful design option, and it is both affordable and compatible with with both new and existing concrete.

Contact us today to learn more specifics about the Stamped, Stained and Colored Concrete services we offer.

4. Driveways, Sidewalks, & Custom Patios

Do you have a small private road that leads to your home? Or, do you need a place to park your car or RV?  Do you desire to have a beautiful looking driveway that will last for many years?  How beautiful your driveway looks and performs long-term is largely related to the quality of workmanship and materials that go into the production of it.

If this is what you are looking for, then Araco Concrete can create this for you.  Ensure that your driveway will look great for many years and that it is built with the superb craftsmanship that you desire.

Designing and pouring Sidewalks and Custom Patios is an art.  Do your want a beautiful looking sidewalk or a custom patio that will last for years to come?  How beautiful your sidewalk or custom patio looks and performs long-term is also related to the quality of workmanship and materials that go into it.

If this is want you want Araco Concrete can do it for you!  We will make sure that your sidewalk or custom patio will look good for many years, and that it is built with the craftmanship  you desire.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

5. Post-Tensioned Concrete

Araco Concrete specializes in post-tensioned concrete that provides a light, structurally efficient, durable solution for the construction of commercial office buildings, residential apartments, high-rise condominiums, parking garages and mixed-use facilities such as hotels and casinos.  Longer, thinner slabs result in greater design flexibility and require less reinforcing steel to achieve the same strength as other methods of construction.  There are many advantages of using this technique, such as the ability to build multi-level buildings with concrete floors, just to name one.

We work really hard to make lasting impressions!

Just some of our many customers...

We work really hard to make lasting impressions!

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