Foundations matter.

The foundation is the most important component to a building’s stability.  The right foundation can easily expand and contract without fracturing.  A number of components go into establishing a foundation that can withstand adverse conditions without deteriorating.

When properly executed, pouring a foundation will stay watertight regardless of the conditions outside and could last generations without costing you a dime in repair.  Resisting the combination of extreme moisture with wide-ranging temperatures is the definition of a well-built, long lasting foundation.  This of course requires enlisting the services of a contractor which can initiate the knowledge and experience to account for fluctuating conditions and temperatures is crucial for foundation longevity and subsequent moneysaving.  Araco Concrete is that contractor.


Among one of Araco Concrete’s specialities is post-tensioned concrete.  Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete that provides a light, structurally efficient, dkurable solution for the construction of commercial office buildings residential apartments, high-rise condominiums, parking garages and mixed-use facilities such as hotels and casinos.  Longer, thinner slabs result in greater design flexibility and require less reinforcing steel to achieve the same strength as other methods of construction.  There are many advantages of using this technique, such as the ability to build multi-level buildings with concrete floors, just to name one.

Make the Right Choice

When taking on a foundation project, materials alone are not what a manmade structure is composed of.  Quality craftsmanship is more than half the battle for a structurally-sound and long-lasting finished product.  When something isn’t built correctly, more often than not it is the fault of the builder/contractor rather than the material.  Therefore, enlisting the services of a professional for quality concrete foundation installation or repair is a must.  In addition,  Araco Concrete a professional concrete contractor that is fully licensed, insured and bonded which also gives our customers peace of mind when taking on a concrete project.

Whatever it may be, you can trust Araco Concrete’s knowledge, skill and experience to handle your next structural foundation project!


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